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It is not only body, mind and spirit that are deeply interconnected, but so are our different practices and the effects, teachings and possibilities of growth they provide to our clients.

We each bring many years of experience in our disciplines, and as active elements of the practice we are also interconnected, as every individual action reflect upon the group and our common activity.


















Before choosing a carrier as an osteopath and graduating as an osteopath in 1999, I was interested in heart surgery to reach people inside , physics to understand the inverse and osteopathy.

I became an osteopath to treat with my hands to search for the cause of people dysfunctions and diseases. I studied in France and England, with the opportunity to integrate the best of both worlds. I tried to become the best, to be able to treat everything and so I embarked myself on a master in osteopathy, physiology of stress, obstetrics and Gynaecology, and sport and posture. I concluded these study by writing a thesis on the efficacy of osteopathy in the treatment of cancer patients in complementary to orthodox médecine.

I was working hard, and I wanted already to demonstrate that the integration of all worlds, orthodox and complementary médecine, mind body and spirit, could help patients with chronic conditions. I set up my own practice in 2001 and never looked back. I got busy gradually and I was also treating horses for a couple of years. In 2003/4 I moved on from horses to human athletes. I treated for almost 15 years football players, swimmers and tennis players all over Europe and further. Along these years, I realised how deeply ill I was with my Lymes disease and other ailments. I also realised that being a good practitioners brought me difficult patients from all over the world and what my osteopathic limitations were.

My journey, my illness, my passion, my belief in helping patients, lead me to understand orthodox médecine, eastern médecine, electromagnetism, bioresonnance, homeopathy, mind, body, spirit,etc.. and so I created roscop practice, a boutique centre of expertise and excellence, offering patients lots in the same place. I realised later our strengths and our limitations in the medical system as we know it.

Through enlightenment I got encouraged to develop a lab and a innovative range of products.

The latter integrate the concepts of western and Eastern médecine, traditional and modern médecine, orthodox and complementary with a pharmaceutical form being very scientific and medical based on one of my first passion, physics. It allows to reach some of the Deepest root cause of patients ailments and reach the heart, the body, the emotions, the spiritual side of our patients. The R&D takes place in England, France, Germany, Finland, Italy, Japan, USA and Kenya. I reached today a stage after 20 years in practice, after treating more than 3000 patients per year for more than a decade, to offer my patients and colleagues a space and a method to allow us, patients, consumers and practitioners to reach health and our full potential



“In my daily practice, I’m continually amazed by the body’s capacity to self-heal”

The body’s ability to fix itself is extraordinary. My job is to help guide your body from a state of disorder and dysfunction back to its natural state of health and harmony.


In my daily work, I have had the privilege to accompany many mothers, mothers-to-be – and their babies through pregnancy and birth. I have learnt how important it is to:


This is something I’ve learnt from treating hundreds of mothers and their children. If something feels right or wrong to you, it usually is. I listen to your concerns and I have confidence in your natural abilities.


Babies are highly sensitive to touch, which makes it possible to achieve a real physical and emotional connection with them. The techniques are very gentle and babies trust our hands, so you’ll see they react positively to the treatment.

For the wide range of specific conditions I support, please visit our Obstetric and Paediatrics Osteopathy page.

Treating you and your loved ones with great care

When you come for treatment, you can expect a relaxed, compassionate and judgement-free environment.

Communication is key. It helps me to establish a better connection with you and your body. I’m always happy to give you as much information about your treatment as you want.


I view osteopathy as a tool not just to help when you’re in pain or discomfort, but as a critical component of all illness prevention.

I am not just here to help when things go wrong as I also provide proactive preventative treatments to ensure your body is setup for optimum performance, both physically and emotionally.

Movement is crucial for your body to stay healthy; it is the expression of life. By enhancing joint movement, fluid movement, blood circulation, breathing, nerve flow and so on, the osteopath helps the body (and its organs) to function at its best.

The team at Roscop Practice is remarkable. It is a pleasure to work in a practice that gets such wonderful feedback from its patients. Seeing happy patients that have progressed with their condition is such a rewarding experience, it is the biggest motivator for all of us here at Roscop Practice.


In 2010 I graduated from the European School of Osteopathy (Maidstone, Kent). After six years of practising in Brussels, Belgium and Montreal, Canada, I decided to move to London and started working at Roscop Practice. I continue to develop professionally through trainings to further deepen my knowledge and am also participating in a post graduate course in Women’s Health and Osteopathy.

I am passionate about everything to do with conception, pregnancy, birth, maternity and children; it is why I have chosen to specialise in obstetrics and paediatrics.



“Human touch is one of the most healing and restoring essential experiences”

Bad posture, a sedentary lifestyle, emotional imbalance, tension and stress are all aspects of our lives that are ‘remembered’ in our bodies and likely to affect us physically.

To help you heal and find harmony, I believe it is useful for you to become more aware of your body and how you use it. So part of what I do when we discuss your symptoms and massage treatment is to hold up a metaphorical mirror, so you can see yourself more clearly – to help you improve your self awareness. The more you know your body, and how you feel, usually the better you respond to treatment.


I used to believe in the magic pill. But after suffering from a chronic and debilitating health condition, and not being happy with the traditional medicinal treatment options presented to me, I searched for other answers. That’s when I met Frederic Roscop.

He showed me an alternative approach to diagnosis and treatment. The positive results I experienced inspired me to follow a career in complementary health care. And after many years of intense training, I’m here to help you experience the same kind of life-changing recovery. I look forward to meeting you.

“Intelligent therapeutic touch can tap into the patient’s natural and phenomenal innate healing capability”


I began training here in London in 2005, studying both an ITEC Qualification for Holistic massage at City & Islington College, and Craniosacral Therapy with the Upledger Institute UK. I took further specialist courses covering: deep tissue, advanced massage techniques, Trigger Point Therapy, myofascial release, pregnancy massage and medical massage.

Further training with the Upledger Institute has included: the brain, the immune system and paediatrics focused courses. I have also been fortunate to attend courses delivered by Leon Chaitow and Jean Pierre Barral, including learning a variation of Bowen Therapy called NST. And at Roscop Practice, the training never ends. I’m currently studying for a Masters in Osteopathy with the London school of Osteopathy.



Charlotte’s cultivates a curiosity for human nature and a fascination for the multiple expressions of life mirrored in the human body.

Her interest for healing grew in Canada where she trained as a holistic massage therapist (….) The course reacquainted her with her original wish to study osteopathy and its philosophy that defines it from other alternative therapies.

She completed her integrated master in osteopathic studies at the European School of Osteopathy in Kent, where she
submitted a research project on the phenomenon of potency defined as the source of life.

Her work at the Roscop practice is intended to support the patients rediscover a state of balance that allows a more harmonious expression of health.

She is involved with the European School of Osteopathy where she assists her experienced colleague Sue Turner teach the Cranial module in Osteopathy, as well as the Paediatric training at the Osteopathic Centre for Children.



I was first introduced to the Pilates method 10 years ago by the desire to do something more fulfilling than gym based exercise and within six weeks of regular classes and home practise I was amazed by the way it balanced my body and mind, both energising and relaxing me.

Having experienced first hand the benefits, both physical and psychological, that Pilates brought into my life I decided to follow my passion and became a Pilates instructor, gaining my qualifications as a Level 3 Body Control Pilates instructor in 2008.

To teach you have to believe in what you are teaching and I am very happy to share my passion with my clients. I now teach beginners through to advance levels also using the Pilates equipments, which are designed to provide a greater challenge for your postural muscles, identify and correct postural imbalances and increase your range of movement, making it ideal for those with postural difficulties and injuries, but also suited to athletes looking to balance out their body, make it stronger internally without causing injuries and enhance their performance.

Pilates for me is a definite exercise technique that strengthens tones and lengthen the body while concentrating and challenging the mind, is a truly holistic approach to exercise as it is both a mental and physical training which teaches you to be in control of your body, by improving focus and body awareness.

One of the first thing that I try to teach my clients is postural/body awareness, I want them to be able to do what they enjoy, achieve their goals and have confidence in their bodies so I work them hard to develop good movements patterns

With each class you are not only getting a strengthening session but you’ll be learning a better mind body connection that you can take with you into your day to day life, a body awareness which is also the key to staying safe in all other type of workouts.

The classes I teach are intense and focuses on building long lean muscles and strong core but the benefits of Pilates go well beyond the core, is about the whole body having a good range, good control and good strength. I believe that with hard work, commitment and discipline anything is possible and I recognise the benefits of a dynamic but mind controlled approach to training so I love to keep the classes varied and fresh using different props and equipment and mixing it up, as I think you have to try different things to find out what works for you, the important is not to be afraid to challenge yourself, if it doesn’t challenge you it won’t change you, as Joseph Pilates used to say, ” It is the mind itself which builds the body” so don’t let your mind limit you, as the body achieves what the mind believes.

For me there is nothing more rewarding than watching your clients getting not only physically but also mentally stronger.



Inner Ladder is a collective, working together and sharing the conviction that every single event presented to us, positive or negative, is an opportunity to grow in consciousness. We support individuals’ transition towards their true nature, their core essence.

This can only be done by recognizing and embracing our true selves within all perspectives and dimensions, shedding patterns and limitations on the way.

We experiment in our lives how embracing the realm of the subtle is a really efficient way to grasp direct experience and to build ourselves. We are convinced making the world a better place starts with improving our internal environment.

Accumulated years of personal spiritual work and initiations with wisdom traditions across the globe led the paths of our different members to unite and work as a collective. Our practice and methodology is the result of helping more than a 2,000 individuals understand how they truly are the creators of their lives, can take responsibility for their actions and their effects, and transform to access a better paradigm and version of themselves.

Sophie, Nannette, Sebastian, Peter, Olivier and Maciej, all co-founders of Inner Ladder, are extremely happy to be part of the Roscop Practice and excited to offer their services to its clientele.



Nobue Imai graduated from Hanada College in Japan. She is a Japanese national license holder in acupuncture, moxibustion and massage therapy. Nobue has worked in Japan and Canada before moving to the UK where she has been a practitioner for the last 15 years. Her unique approach is based on Japanese methods such as Kiiko Matsumoto and Master Nagao. 

Her treatment is centred around the belief that all beings have a natural healing ability. Having low energy and a weakened immune system or sluggish circulation can cause sickness and chronic disease. Nobue sees acupuncture as effective in preventing disease by improving the body’s natural healing ability. Hers is a gentle and effective method to help improve energy levels and the immune system. Nobue’s treatments work to bring the mind and body in balance, to work together and to support the patient’s well-being.

Nobue specialises in treating patients of any age with any complaints. Stomach and nervous system problems, allergies, hormonal imbalances, immune system issues and gynaecological issues, infertility… Her soothing treatments work with the body to promote its natural healing ability; they are preventative, balancing and curative. 



BSc (Hons.)PsySc., BSc(Hons.) Ost., DO, DPO

Katy has been in private practice since graduating from the renowned European School of Osteopathy, Kent, UK in 2008 after a four year full-time honours degree in Osteopathy.

Osteopathy is the removal of mechanical impediments, allowing optimal body fluid flow, nerve function and restoration of health. Osteopaths are Allied Health Professionals and Primary Healthcare Practitioners.

Katy’s abilities are wide-reaching, treating all ages and covering a range of osteopathic skills from ‘structural’ through ‘functional’ to ‘cranial’ and paediatric approaches. Patients may be professional triathletes seeking enhanced respiratory function and performance; of osteopathic medicine, seeking help with systemic dysfunction such as cardiovascular or endocrine; those with chronic conditions from migraine to gut pain; those seeking help with mechanical, postural, gait dysfunction, or other.

With a Postgraduate Diploma in Paediatric Osteopathy from the Osteopathic Centre for Children (OCC), London, the largest Paediatric Osteopathy clinic in Europe and the gold standard award in Paediatric Osteopathy, Katy specialises in the treatment of neonates, babies, children, pregnant women and new mothers.

Working for more than two years at the OCC and the neonatal unit of Barnet General Hospital, London alongside consultants greatly enhanced her paediatric skills and experience in this complex and specialised area of osteopathic practice.

Along with gaining experience in the clinic environment in Europe, Asia and Australasia, with her love of travel, Katy has participated in humanitarian expeditions in Kenya, India and Pakistan (Osteopathy Without Borders), teaching and treating in hospitals, schools, slums and mountain villages, treating local people for issues such as those associated with trauma, malnutrition and poor sanitation.

Katy has developed a profound understanding of osteopathic principles and practice which underlie all osteopathic treatments, exploring what is uniquely required for the individual patient at that time.

Katy practices with great empathy and compassion, is thorough and articulate and offers a highly sensitive approach.





My professional career has been dedicated to giving children the very best care and treatment possible. Over the last twenty-five years, my experience has taught me that this can only be achieved if I adhere to a few basic principles. Whist working with children is an incredible privilege, it also comes with huge obligations and responsibilities to a child and their parents.

Each child is unique and they need time, if they are to be assessed and cared for properly. I do not believe in rushing appointments. I know that parents also need the time to be able to understand the different aspects of their child’s health and wellbeing. It is very important that I have the time to ask parents the right questions and that they have the time to ask the right questions of me.

The more time that I have spent treating children, the more I have to come to realise the importance of continually pursuing knowledge. For me, it is imperative that I continue to learn, to explore new developments in child healthcare and to keep myself informed of the ever-changing advances in paediatric medicine. Only then, can I be sure that the care and advice I give is the very best for my patients. No doctor can know everything, so I have always built strong working relationships with fellow consultants and specialists who can offer my patients their expertise and knowledge, when required.

Finally, I believe that a continuity of care will provide the best health outcome for a child. If I know a child and I have a true understanding of their medical history, I can give them the most effective diagnosis and treatment. It is also invaluable in building up a trusted and supportive relationship with all the wonderful parents of my patients. After all, parents know their own child better than anyone else.

What I offer my patients and their parents

I have worked in all areas of neonatal and general paediatric care. I have treated children from their birth, through the “joys” of pre adulthood, to eighteen years. My experience has ranged from the demanding hospital environment of paediatric A&E to the commitment needed from a general paediatric consultant. I treat children with both chronic and acute medical conditions on a daily basis. If any “red flags” appear, I work with parents and specialists to get to the root of a problem as quickly, as thoroughly and as effectively as possible.

For newborn babies, I work with their parents from the day their baby leaves hospital. I offer home visits to new parents and offer the medical expertise and understanding which gives them the confidence in caring for their newborn. I am a breastfeeding consultant and I can give a new mother expert guidance on breastfeeding and can help resolve any problems they are experiencing in feeding their baby.

For babies and young children, I provide regular baby checks and carefully monitor your child’s growth and overall development. As they go through their early school years, routine follow-ups and complete health checks are all part of the care I offer families.

When it’s comes to treating teenage patients, I am acutely aware that the anxieties and challenges of teenagers require proper medical investigation and special care. I have found that a collaborative approach with the patient and their parents prove most beneficial for my teenage patients. I offer regular check ups, if needed. I also advise on, and treat, many of the problems that come with the hormonal changes of adolescents, along with the more acute health issues that some teenagers will experience.

As an Italian in a “foreign land”, my work in the demanding environment of the NHS has given me a perspective that allows me to offer invaluable support to families who are new to the UK. I can guide parents who are struggling with the intricacies of the English health system and provide a level of expertise that they know they can trust. Dilemmas over advice from GPs or questions regarding the English immunisation programme are only two of the many questions that I can help answer for parents new the UK.

My Medical Career

I graduated from the University of Pisa with Distinction (Summa Cum Laude) in 1991, and completed my training in general paediatrics and general practice at the same University. I then went on to complete two masters in neonatology and neonatal intensive care at the Universities of Rome and Padua in Italy. I am a WHO-UNICEF teacher on breastfeeding and I also hold an IBCLC qualification in breastfeeding.

My wide range of experience in general paediatrics, paediatric A&E and neonatology has been gained from working for over twenty-five years at Consultancy level in hospitals. I have worked extensively in hospitals and clinics in both Italy and the UK 

I spent eleven years in Italy as a Consultant in paediatrics and neonatology in Pontedera, Pisa. In 2010, I wanted to challenge myself and made the professional move to England. During the last nine years, I have worked as a consultant in various modern hospitals across the UK and this has given me a wide variety of experience and professionalism. I have been a consultant for many patients who have come from a more challenging and less privileged background. I have also worked in “state of the art” hospitals with patients who are accustomed to the very best treatment and facilities. All these experiences have vastly added to my expertise, empathy and understanding as a paediatrician. 

For the last eight years, I have been running my busy private paediatric practice in London and now hold weekly clinics in Mayfair, Knightsbridge and Fulham.

If you want to know more about the services I offer families, or my qualifications and career, please feel free to visit my website :