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We combine traditional osteopathic principles with modern medicine to help your body increase its remarkable ability to heal itself.

 We take a holistic approach to osteopathy, looking beyond symptoms to the cause of the problem and how it might be rooted in physical and psychological factors. This goes further than the ‘mechanical, functional and postural’ definition of osteopathy that is used by the General Osteopathic Council’s.

Instead, we treat using a combination of the best traditional healing practices and the latest understanding of biomechanics and physiology. So we don’t just focus on muscles and bones. We ensure that there are no barriers to the healthy flow of fluids, energy and emotions in your body.


The better we understand the physical and emotional stresses that impact on your body, the better our massage treatments can help you heal and find harmony.

Bad posture, a sedentary lifestyle, emotional imbalance, tension and stress – they are all ‘remembered’ by our bodies and likely to affect us physically. So part of what we do when we discuss your symptoms and possible massage treatments is help you build your understanding of yourself and your body – looking at things like daily stresses, sleep patterns and diet. Because the more you know yourself, the better you are likely to respond to treatment.


Craniosacral Therapy is based on the principle that cerebrospinal fluid which nourishes the brain and spinal column moves in a regular, measurable rhythm when in a state of good health.

In the same way that cutting off blood supply to a limb will result in disease and death of the limb, any restriction to this rhythm, whatever the source, will ultimately result in ill-health and pain.By using techniques that combine physical adjustments, non-obtrusive palpation of the tissues, and other more intuitive based methods, the therapist is able to support the patient in identifying key health issues and discover avenues to address them.


The ancient needle therapy of acupuncture is an extremely safe and effective way to treat acute and chronic pain and a great many disorders.

Acupuncture, or zhenjiu as it is called in Chinese is founded on the understanding that all processes that take place within the body are governed by the flow of energy (or ‘qi’, pronouced ‘chee’). When that energy flows, we feel great, but when it is blocked or disrupted, the imbalance can cause health issues.

Acupuncture is a 3,000 year old method of ensuring this energy flows correctly. By inserting needles, we release any blocked energy and stimulate biomechanical changes that trigger the body’s natural healing systems – such as the release of endorphins for pain relief.


P ilates helps you understand the acute interaction between mind and body and deprogram negative body patterns and behaviours.

Your postural issues are the direct result of emotional traumas, states of mind, life style, environment or psychological conditioning. Your mind and body adopt postures in reaction to these situations. Once implemented, your brain and muscles always come back to these postures even when the root cause of an issue has been found and the problem resolved psychologically.

Pilates help you reprogram your mind and muscles through the rehabilitation and understanding of the perfect posture so that negative postural patterns and behaviours can be overridden and the body can come back to a healthy and durable optimacy.

Combined with the learning of a balanced and respectful lifestyle, an aligned body will have positive impact on the overall state of mind and being.



Our practice offers individuals the possibility to take a journey of self-discovery and self-mastery in order for them to clear away patterns, destructive behaviours and fears that no longer serve them and to move towards a life led in joy, enthusiasm and action.

Our sessions and modules can teach you how to recognize your limitations and understand how and what they manifest in daily life, physically, emotionally or spiritually. They are designed to lead you into a sophro-liminal state, deep within yourself, into the depths of your subconscious, underlying beliefs and patterns to create pathways towards a more fulfilled, balanced and guided version of yourself.

Through the wisdom of your inner guidance and body, you will work on spiritual, physical, emotional and intellectual dimensions of yourself, which you will learn to navigate from within.

These courses are opened to anyone who wants to understand how body, mind, emotions and spirit are all tightly interconnected. If you are eager to learn how you can embrace a healthy spiritual framework to get yourself and your life in balance and flow, be the best version of yourself and live a much happier and sensible version of your life, then our practice is for you.