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What happens in your life is intricately linked to what is happening inside of you, to the perspectives and patterns, the misconceptions, judgements or blockages that influence your every thought and actions. Your internal set up is the root cause of what manifests in your body, in your environment and in your life.

Inner Ladder offers individuals the possibility to take a journey of self-discovery and self-mastery in order for them to clear away patterns, destructive behaviours and fears that no longer serve them and to move towards a life led in joy, enthusiasm and action.

Our sessions and modules can teach you how to recognize your limitations and understand how and what they manifest in daily life, physically, emotionally or spiritually. They are designed to lead you into a sophro-liminal state, deep within yourself, into the depths of your subconscious, underlying beliefs and patterns to create pathways towards a more fulfilled, balanced and guided version of yourself.

Through the wisdom of your inner guidance and body, you will work on spiritual, physical, emotional and intellectual dimensions of yourself, which you will learn to navigate from within.

You can then use the same techniques in your daily life. When you encounter a problem or difficulty, you will be able to go within and use the tools you have learned to navigate through your issues with greater ease and with a greater sense of self-awareness, self responsibility and self control. Additionally you will also be able to recognise beauty and joy in the moment and fully benefit from that them on all possible levels.

Going regularly and consciously into these processes provide an opportunity to unlock and develop new neural pathways, implementing new behaviours that participate in a virtuous body, mind and spirit relationship and cycle.